We’re getting to that lazy time of the year, when it’s too hot to get outside. Even if you don’t have school-aged kids at home, it’s easy to fall into that “summer vacation” attitude. But, instead of slacking off over the summer, take the time to go a step further with your personal health….

Grocery eco Bag

Recently I stumbled upon the greatest invention, online grocery shopping with in store pick up! This wonderful convenience is perfect for busy Americans! Especially for those of us that loathe grocery shopping and crowds, like me! So far I have found the following stores offer this service: Whole Foods, Walmart, HEB, and Kroger Plus. Several…


By Meaghan Edwards Ms, RD/LD Registered Dietitian When we think summertime, we think about barbeques, swimming, and hanging outside with friends and family. During this time we find ourselves choosing unhealthy foods, grazing throughout the party, and eating larger portions. Here are some pointers to help yourself stay healthy and make good food choices when…

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