Senate Bill 756- A message from Dr. Smith

I usually don’t make political commentary on our website, but, I am too passionate about this issue to be silent.

After a lot of effort and support from members of the Texas Association of Bariatric Surgeons (of which I am a member) and many other interested groups, Senate Bill 756 has been introduced into the Texas Legislature which essentially would require insurers to offer insurance coverage for prevention and treatment of obesity.
The costs of obesity to Texas in 2009 were over 9.5 billion dollars and is projected to reach 32 billion by 2030.
Obesity is the root cause of many of our most common and serious medical problems including but not limited to Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea and many other ailments which we suffer from every day. The personal cost of obesity is huge not only from physical and emotional issues but the actual cost of living every day. An obese lifestyle is expensive, we pay more for clothing, medications, and devices which non obese people don’t require.

Obesity is a disease, not a character flaw. It can be correctly diagnosed and treated to help people live a longer and healthier life. All forms of prevention and treatment should be available to our citizens. Please take part in urging your local politicians to support this bill.

Thank You,
Adam Smith, DO, FACOS
Owner, Surgeon, and Patient of Ultimate Bariatrics.

Click here to read and sign the petition for Senate Bill 756

Click here to read Senate Bill 756

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