“I’m too overweight to exercise”

How many times have you thought this?

If you are like me, at least once a day.

The truth is no one is too obese to exercise. When we think of exercise the first images that come to mind is someone running a marathon, a fit muscular person hitting the gym every day or an athlete doing extreme physical training. Every person has to start somewhere, when you have not been exercising at all, introducing gradual physical exercise every day will help you win your battle against obesity.

Some great starting exercises would be walking your dog around the block, dancing in your living room, playing with your children, an exercise video…. There are endless possibilities, your goal is to increase the amount of exercise you do each day.

Look for little ways to add movement

  • park a little further away from your destination
  • wash your car by hand instead of going to the car wash
  • take the long way when walking somewhere

Before you know it you will be a able to walk a little further, dance a little longer and play with your kids all afternoon! Remember one of the reasons you wanted to lose weight was to become more active, well let’s start some of that activity today.
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