healthy rainy day activities

It is STILL raining. It’s been raining for days and it looks like it’s going to keep raining. But, don’t let the rain be an excuse to keep you from healthy activities today.   Get some movement Even if you have a gym membership, it is so tempting in this weather to not get out…

In both the United States and across the globe, the month of October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month by most major breast cancer organizations and charities. Each October, organizations promote the need for awareness and raise money for prevention, treatment, and hopefully for a cure. Breast cancer risks Being a woman. Although any…

In the United States, approximately 1 in every 6 children has obesity. September is designated as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month to help us learn more about obesity and about some of the ways we can help combat it. Being well informed is the first step to supporting our children on their good health journey….

Check out the Obalon “Better Together” challenge for the month of September! Refer a friend, succeed together, and you both save a lot of money on your Obalon. Find out more by calling and booking your consultation today! 888-ULT-LOSE. For all details, rules, and guidelines, please click here to download the official brochure from Obalon. 

back to school routine

Back to school routine tips We’re nearing the end of August and heading into fall. School has started back up, extra-curricular activities will be started soon, and sports practices have already begun. Whether you have one child or six, or you work on a school schedule (teachers, administrators, school nurses, daycare workers, etc..), this is…

We made it to Week 5 of my Reboot program!

We made it to Week 5 of my Reboot program. I'm feeling good. Watch this video as I share my results. Let's Reboot.

Posted by Ultimate Bariatrics on Monday, August 20, 2018

With 4 weeks down, Dr. Smith is HALFWAY through the Reboot Program. Halfway there and the dietary restrictions are lowered, but the exercise requirements are increased. Find something you love and do it! The goal is heart rate elevating exercise for at least 30 minutes 3-4 days a week. Dr. Smith shares the struggles with…

Watch Week 4 Day 1 of my Reboot journey!

Get Ready for Week 4 Day 1 of my Reboot journey... lets cook.

Posted by Ultimate Bariatrics on Monday, August 13, 2018

Welcome to Week 4! Because of his progress, Dr. Smith is choosing to add a healthy meal and healthy snack into his program. He is also introducing exercise to the program. The results so far are that Dr. Smith feels better and notices that his band feels tighter and has reset to how it should…

Week 3 Day 1 is here of my Reboot Program journey.

I've made it this far, there are some challenges, but let's keep it going. Watch this video as I discuss what my Reboot journey has been thus far. This is Week 3 day 1. Like our page to follow my journey.

Posted by Ultimate Bariatrics on Monday, August 6, 2018

Dr. Smith checks in with viewers as he kicks off Week 3 of the Reboot Program. The program is designed for people to refocus on their goals, especially after weight gain. Dr. Smith has been posting weekly on the Ultimate Bariatrics’ Facebook page about his decision to complete the Reboot Program and what it’s like…

Reboot program week 2 day 1. Here we go!

Week 2 is here! It's not always easy breaking bad habits, but I have seen great progress. Watch as I share my experience. Like, share, and let's Reboot!

Posted by Ultimate Bariatrics on Monday, July 30, 2018

Keep up with Dr. Smith’s journey through the Reboot Program as he seeks to lose the weight he’s recently gained. Dr. Smith has finished Week 1 of the Reboot and is heading into Week 2. After one week, he is feeling lighter and excited about the rest of the program. In this video, he shows…

Back to school time means busier than usual schedules, new sports and extracurriculars, and a time of adjustment. The hardest part of that equation is often the adjustment from the easy summer days to the jam-packed hustle of a new school season. It’s so easy to end up in the drive-thru when the time is…

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