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Fall diet traps to avoid

Fall diet traps to avoid

1. Shorter days:

  1. Less sunlight causes a dip in serotonin levels
  2. The body uses carbohydrates to produce serotonin & thus you can have more cravings for carbs in the fall
  3. Focus on healthy carbs: whole grains: oats & quinoa & whole wheat bread

2. Seasonal drinks:

  1. Skip the pumpkin spice latte or opt for a small with non-fat milk and no whip
  2. Ask the barista for only one pump of the flavored syrup vs the 5-6 pumps they typically use

3. Eating less produce:

  1. Focus on seasonal produce such as apples and Brussel sprouts
  2. Choose healthy carb option such as sweet potatoes, squash, and pumpkin

4. Warm comfort foods:

  1. Reduce the number of times you eat out
  2. Look for ways to make your favorite comfort foods healthier
  3. Swap pureed beans for cream in soups to add protein and decrease fat
  4. Use low sodium chicken broth instead of butter and salt in mashed potatoes or casseroles
  5. Switch to whole wheat noodles or pasta, low-fat cheese, and sneak a vegetable in your dishes

5. Daylight Savings Time:

  1. Get adequate sleep because sleep deprivation can lead to increased appetite
  2. Try melatonin to help regulate sleep
  3. To curb cravings: eat multiple small meals throughout the day that are high in protein and fiber

6. Holiday Fatigue and Stress:

  1. Nourish yourself with healthy foods so that you are less likely to over-indulge
  2. Pick a specific “treat time” and allow yourself that one thing & turn down the rest

7. Finger Foods:

  1. Don’t let those bite sized snacks add up! Set limits! Add a couple of items to your plate and step away from the snack table
  2. Opt for items that are high in protein like meat and cheese and don’t forget the veggies and fruit

Don’t forget to add exercise to your routine! Not only will it help you maintain your weight during the holidays, but it will also reduce stress. It’s not time to FALL off the wagon yet with your healthy lifestyle goals. J Meagan Johnson, PA-C, RD