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Group weight loss

Group weight loss

Trying to lose weight and be healthier is a goal for most American’s at the beginning of the year.  It is common to feel most motivated at this time to make the changes that we know are needed and start the year off right. Even if your goal weight has been achieved, making healthier food choices, exercises, losing the last few inches, lowering cholesterol/blood pressure, etc. are common things to strive for.

Setting up a group challenge to do with co-workers, friends, family members is a way to hold yourself accountable and make it a fun challenge to get everyone involved. Setting up a challenge that does not just focus on weight loss and focuses on all aspects of healthy lifestyles allows more people to participate and makes the challenge more fun.

You can develop your own method of the challenge on a point based system, tally marks, etc to track how everyone is doing. It is totally up to you on what you want to track such as weights, BMI, % weight loss, inches lost, % fat loss, exercise, water intake, fruit/veggies intake, etc and how you want to give points. You can choose to track the progress weekly, monthly, bi weekly, etc., how long you want the challenge to run, where to track progress at, and if prizes could be rewarded.

I had developed a healthy lifestyle challenge a few years ago for us at Fort Worth Lap Band and we are just now about to start back up again. As an office, our program is lasting for 6 weeks and we will track exercise, %wt loss, %fat loss, and inches lost. I have included what our challenge looks like so if you choose to start your own challenge you can base it off of what we are doing or do the exact same thing! ENJOY

Meaghan Edwards MS, RD/LD                                                                                                                   Registered Dietitian

It is that time of year again for every to be setting personal New Year’s goals and resolutions. Let’s join together as an office and support each other to develop a healthier lifestyle for all. We all have things that we can improve on to live a healthier life, whether it be eating out less, exercising more, incorporating more fruits and vegetables in our diet, getting better sleep, losing some weight, or even decreasing our daily stress levels by setting 10 minutes a day aside to relax with no distractions. Everything is easier to do with a support group and having people there to hold you accountable for the things that you want to change. This office challenge is to help promote and encourage us as a group to be as healthy as we can be.

Why participate:

  1. A reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure and cholesterol
  2. Increased energy and morale
  3. Increased self-esteem
  4. Better weight control
  5. Decreased dollars spent on medical bills and insurance
  6. Healthier joints, bones and muscles
  7. Increased flexibility and fitness level
  8. Longer life
  9. Increased quality of life
  10. The winner will get an awesome prize decided by the world famous Dr. Smith

Who should participate?

  2. Everyone who decides to participate will have the opportunity to win weekly prizes with a grand prize winner at the end of 6 weeks.

When does it start and how long:

  1. The challenge will start the beginning of January 19, 2015 and will last until final weigh in and measurements on March 2, 2015.


All participants who have signed up for the challenge are committing themselves to the full 6 week challenge and agree to all the requirements starting January 19, 2015 and ending on final weigh in and measurements March 2, 2015. At the end of the 6 week challenge, the person with the most overall points will win a prize. There will also be weekly prizes being handed out. The weekly prizes will vary from the most wt loss in a week, most exercise, most inches, etc. you will not know what the category is until the prize is handed out to the winner, so we all need to be consistent on everything : )


  1. Weekly weigh ins (these will remain private), print the weigh-in receipt and turn it in by 3 pm on Mondays.
  2. Exercise logging ( NO CHEATING)If you are caught not being truthful about exercising or helping someone else be untruthful, you will be disqualified from the challenge
  3. If you are caught not being truthful about exercising or helping someone else be untruthful, you will be disqualified from the challenge
  4. Beginning and ending measurements of waist and hips, find a buddy to help you measure
  5. Beginning and ending Body fat analysis, on the weigh-in receipt
  6. Being a supportive co-worker


  1. Each participant will start accumulating points that will be tallied up weekly. At the end of the 6 weeks the person with the most points will win the overall prize. Points will be determined by % weight loss, # inches lost, amount of weekly exercise, and decreasing body fat %.
  2. 2 points per 1% excess weight loss
  3. 2 points per 30 minutes exerciseTotal points allowed from exercise per week is 10
  4. Total points allowed from exercise per week is 10
  5. 1 point per inch lost in waist and hips
  6. 1 point per % body fat lost


  1. Weekly weigh ins will be required
  2. Each weigh in will be done on Monday’s using office scale, you must print and turn in the receipt with your name on it.
  3. If you will not be in the office on Monday’s, you will be allowed to weigh in on Tuesday’s
  4. Weight will remain confidential, however weight lost can be announced


  1. Waist and hip measurements will be taken on the first day of the challenge, Monday of the 4th week and the last day of the challenge
  2. Measurements will remain confidential, however inches lost can be announced

Body Fat %:

  1. Body fat % will be determined at the beginning, middle and the end of the challenge
  2. In office scale will be used
  3. Body fat % will remain confidential, however %body fat lost can be announced


  1. Any type of exercise can be used, exercise must consist of 30 minutes with an accelerated heart rate and perspiration.
  2. You must be truthful that the exercise was done
  3. Exercise will be recorded on calendars provided
  4. Please turn your calendars in every Monday Morning to Michele. Once points are determined, logs will be returned to you
  5. If your logs are not turned in by Monday at 3, exercise from that week will not count. (if you are out of office on Monday, then they will be allowed to be turned in late)
  6. You can only accumulate 10 points per week from exercise alone


  1. If you are disqualified you will no longer be allowed to participate in the healthy lifestyle challenge.
  2. You will be disqualified if:Lie about exercise logsHelp someone lie about exerciseMiss a weekly weigh inDo not finish 6 week programGain 10 pounds or more over 6 week period
  3. Lie about exercise logs
  4. Help someone lie about exercise
  5. Miss a weekly weigh in
  6. Do not finish 6 week program
  7. Gain 10 pounds or more over 6 week period

This is to be a fun office challenge to help us all develop a healthier lifestyle at the beginning of the year that we can continue throughout the rest of the year. Please be supportive of your coworkers so we can all be successful in living a healthier life, this is not just about weight loss!