Let’s talk about coffee, java, or as I like it…Tar!

Let’s face it, American’s love their coffee. That’s why you see a new Starbucks popping up at every corner. But, did you know that your beloved coffee has the potential to protect you from obesity?! 

A new study in mice found that the antioxidant,chlorogenic acid (CGA), found in coffee:

  • helps prevent weight gain
  • maintains normal blood sugar levels
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces insulin resistance and accumulation of fat in livers

If you don’t like coffee (weird!), then you can find CGA in apples, pears, tomatoes, and blueberries. Mice were injected higher amounts of CGA then found in coffee, but the research looks promising. Check out the study below.

Now let’s get real, you can’t add a bunch of sugar and creamer to your coffee and expect get the same results. So, skip the glorified milkshakes, I mean Frappuccinos, which can pack up to 350 calories in them!!And don’t even think about adding all that whipped cream on top! Try non-fat creamer or skim milk. If you can’t skip the sugar then try a non-calorie sugar substitute like Stevia, Splenda, Sweet-n-low, or Equal. Personally, I really enjoy flavored coffee without anything in it!


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