Why do the surgeons at Fort Worth Lap Band continue to train on new procedures? And why are there so many options out there for weight loss?

The four most commonly performed weight loss procedures in the United States are the Lap-Band™, Vertical Sleeve, Gastrectomy (or sleeve), Roux-en-Y, Gastric bypass, and the Duodenal switch.  While all of them have their advantages and disadvantages none of them are “perfect”.  They are all just tools to assist patients to make permanent lifestyle changes.  The two most frequently requested weight loss surgeries in this practice are the Lap-Band™ (with or without imbrications), and the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

We commonly have patients that do not meet the medical criteria of ‘medically necessary’ for weight loss surgery but those patients still need a little help.  This is a greatly underserved need in the USA.  There are many exciting new potential options in study as we speak, so it is important for us, as surgeons, to stay abreast of the new technologies and offer the ones we think will be beneficial to our patients as they come online.

As a part of our ongoing desire to remain current or (at the top of our game) we spend many days and hours traveling for additional training not only on new procedures but on the existing operations as well.  This keeps us up to date and ensures that our patients continue to benefit from the most current procedures and management techniques available.

As these new technologies and procedures are available we will announce the addition of them to our armamentarium on the website. So, stay tuned for new procedures and surgical advancements!

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