It’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s means chocolate is EVERYWHERE. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be looking for a gift for a loved one–or yourself–that will inspire you to keep pushing harder and make healthier choices. So, ditch the chocolate, and find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

  1. Wireless Earbuds. They’re a little on the pricey end, but if you’ve ever tripped the wire on your headphones while walking on the treadmill, sending your phone flying across the gym, you KNOW how much of a game changer wireless earbuds would be. (Alternatively, Bluetooth headphones can be found very reasonably priced, and although not as nice as some of the newer earbuds, they still get the job done1!)
  2. Fitbit Accessories. It seems like everyone has an activity tracker, and many of them come with changeable bands. Go fancy with a metal watch band for Him or a gold bangle for Her and your activity tracker then doubles as a beautiful piece of jewelry (and you still get that step count!)
  3. Water bottles and shaker bottles. You can never have too many. Especially if they have cute sayings. Especially if there’s a separate compartment to keep your protein powder. Get a matching set–water bottles and shakers make great gifts for friends.
  4. Yoga mat, bag, blocks. Time to get stretchy! Yoga is a great way to stretch and recover from your workouts. Stay stretchy in style with a new mat or yoga gear. Grab one for your significant other and sign up for a Wine and Yoga class for an amazing fitness date night.
  5. Edible Arrangements. Looking for a great office gift, but don’t want a bowl of candy sitting around? Try an Edible Arrangement filled with fresh fruit. The same effect–without the added calories.


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