Ultimate Bariatrics offers weight loss counseling to our patients before and after weight loss procedures such as the LapBand, Gastric Sleeve, and the iBand. There are many reasons that counseling can be beneficial to weight loss surgery patients.

Prior to surgery, patients are scheduled to see a licensed counselor. This appointment will meet requirements mandated by health insurance companies, and is designed to help patients identify possible stumbling blocks and develop good habits and a personal support group that will aid in their weight loss journey.

Ultimate Bariatrics also offers a free weekly support group that meets in our conference room every Tuesday at 6pm. This support group covers a variety of topics such as exercise, nutritional supplements, dietary requirements, as well as offering general support from other weight loss surgery patients. All of our support groups are led by a licensed counselor to make sure the meetings stay focused on the current topic and that the information that is shared is productive and useful.

If needed, patients always have the option of scheduling a private appointment with one of our counselors at any point after surgery. There are a variety of reasons a patient may choose to see the counselor post-surgery including addressing family issues, getting back on track or simply needing help working through life’s issues as a weight loss surgery patient.

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