A fill adjustment adds fluid to the Lapband system.

The following Fill Adjustment Diet is to be followed the day of all fill adjustments.

  • Day 1:   Liquids only, on day of fill. NO SOLID FOOD – nothing thicker than Tomato Soup.
  • Day 2:  Full Liquids/pureed
  • Day 3:  Soft foods
  • Day 4:  Back to Regular food

The Fill Adjustment is quick and nearly painless, and is done in a clinical room under fluoroscopy for guidance. The Surgeons and Physician Assistants conduct all Fill Adjustments. Fluoroscopy allows theUltimate Bariatrics staff to visualize the band position, stomach pouch size and fill volume. The fluoroscope is used at every fill adjustment visit.

Fill Adjustments will be done no sooner than 3 weeks apart. This gives your body time to adjust to the new fill volume. Appointments for a Fill Adjustment can be scheduled any day of the week except Sundays, and some Saturdays.

All patients having their “first fill” will be scheduled in a “first fill class.” This class is designed to help the patient learn the procedures and expectations that come with getting a Fill Adjustment.

Note: We Accept Transfer Patients for Fills! Whether you’ve moved or your LapBand surgeon has retired, we accept transfer patients who want to continue their Fills and follow up care. Please call Ultimate Bariatrics (844-ULT-LOSE) for more information on how to become a transfer patient.

Important Note:   Fluoroscopy is used so, always inform staff members if you believe you might be pregnant.

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