Meagan Johnson, PA-C, RD

Recently I have had a lot of questions regarding juice. Personally, I don’t think that juice serves a purpose in any diet, including children. Most juice from concentrate is loaded with added sugar and higher in calories. Avoid juice with the following names: juice cocktail, juice-flavored beverage and juice drink. These are fancy names for liquid candy!! 100% Juice is usually the only form of juice that doesn’t contain added sugar. However, it still has sugar in it and sometimes a significant amount of sugar that can equate to the same amount of sugar in a regular soda! Sure juice can provide some vitamins. However, the process of making juice that is shelf stable takes away the fiber and antioxidants that the fruit itself would contain. So, my suggestion is that if you are craving juice, than just eat that fruit. For example, if you crave apple juice then go eat an apple! Eating an apple would be lower in calories and sugar than apple juice and would contain fiber and nutrients not contained in juice!


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