Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious on Your List


healthy lifestyle Christmas gift ideas
Give the gift of health this holiday season! It’s only two weeks until Christmas, and some of us still have quite a list of people we need to check off. There is no better way to spread holiday cheer than to find some fun last minute gifts to encourage a healthy lifestyle and well-being to your health conscious friends. Find something for a friend (and something for yourself) from this list of fitness gift ideas, all available on Amazon with a ship date before Christmas! 


  • Fruit Infuser Bottles: We all know that it’s difficult to drink those recommended 8 glasses of water daily (especially in the winter when you don’t feel as thirsty), and water infused with fruit is a great way to jazz up that boring old H20. Add vitamins and more importantly, some flavor by infusing fruit easily with infuser bottles.  Savvy Infusion Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, $17.95
  • Yoga Mat: Almost everyone has one. But, all good things need replacing every once in a while. Don’t let your friend be the only one at yoga class with a worn out, old, stinky yoga mat. With a variety of patterns and colors, you can find something perfect to help your friends and family find their zen. Gaiam Print Yoga Mat, $45.89
  • Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups: Meal prep like a pro and entertain the “crazy cat lady” in your life with cat shaped measuring cups. They’re fun. They’re functional. What’s not to love? Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups, $29.95
  • Immersion Blender: Perfect for those protein shakes, soups, and smoothies. Convenient for work or travel or just all the times you don’t want to clean the big blender for one protein shake. Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender, $33.99
  • “Lunch Blox”: Planning ahead and packing a lunch is a big help to staying on track with your nutritional goals, which is why these salad and sandwich containers are so convenient! Keep all your food separate and fresh until lunch time and keep yourself or someone you love on track with their nutritional goals. Rubbermaid Lunchbox Kit, $23.99
  • Fitness Journal: Track your goals, progress, nutrition, and workouts all in one place. Preparation and Habit are the keys to success. Fitlosophy Fitbook, $22.99
  • Foam Roller: Work out those sore muscles with a foam roller. It’s like having a massage any time you need it. Gaiam Foam Roller, $21.99
  • Healthy Gift Basket: A snack basket that won’t ruin their healthy lifestyle. Send your loved one a big gift basket full of their favorite healthy treats. You can make one yourself or buy a pre-made one. Either way, it’s a gift that keeps giving and keeps your loved one happy and well-fed during snack time. Healthy Gift Basket, $55.95

Supporting and encouraging others on their healthy lifestyle is a great way to show your friendship. We hope these gift ideas help you show your love and cross off a few more people from your list. What can you add to your Christmas list to support your friends and family who are making healthy choices this holiday season?

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