This 4th of July looks a little different than previous ones. There won’t be many gatherings, no big parties or concerts or firework displays. But, still, you can have fun and do it safely and healthfully.  So, get outside, enjoy the sun, keep your gatherings to immediate family only and remember these health tips for the holiday.

Don’t Make Food the Focus

Sure, food is going to be a fun part of the holiday but it doesn’t have to be your primary focus. Don’t linger in the kitchen–once you get your food prepped, join the family in the pool, a pickup game of volleyball, or take the kids to the park. If your family gathering is going to be mostly about food, make sure to get a workout in before you go. Even a quick walk around the block after a meal will help you from feeling lethargic all afternoon.

Choose Meats & Veggies

Find your grillmaster–or be the grill master–and put veggie kabobs on to cook. Pair your grilled veggies with lean cuts of meat like chicken, bison, lean beef, or veggie burgers. And choose fresh fruit over desserts.

Make Movement Fun

Join the kids in the pool! Go for a walk with the family. Especially this year, with fewer things open, making choices for intentional movement is imperative. If you can make exercise a family affair, it will be more enjoyable and healthy for everyone.

Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. You can add fruit to your water for a flavor infusion, or use low-calorie flavor enhancers. If you plan on being outdoors a lot of the day, drinks with electrolytes, such as Bai or Body Armour Light, will help replenish what you lose sweating without adding too make empty sugar calories. Also, if you choose to imbibe in alcohol, drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages, and limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol leads to dehydration and can lead you right back to the snack bowl.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This tip goes for every day of the year, but July has the most drunk driving accidents for the year. If you have too much to drink, please call an Uber and do not drive or walk home.

Wear Sunscreen & Bugspray

Stay safe from UV Rays by applying sunscreen frequently throughout the day. Protect yourself from mosquitos by using an insect repellent with DEET. Bring extra bottles of both so that you can share with others who may have forgotten.

Practice Safe Fireworks Behavior

If you are using fireworks, remember to follow all guidelines and laws in your city. Make sure it is legal in your city and make sure there isn’t a burn ban. Keep all flammable objects away from children and do not use fireworks if you have been drinking.


Have a happy and healthy 4th of July! Enjoy yourself.

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