People are always asking me for my opinion on different types of herbal or diet supplements that they hear about on TV from shows like Dr. Oz, commercials or even friends that are trying to sell a certain product. My response to most of these questions is that they are more than welcome to try the supplement if they really believe that it will help them. However in my opinion there is not one pill or supplement out there that has been scientifically proven to “melt fat”, “increase metabolism”, or any of the other claims they may be making therefore I find them to be a waste of money.

Herbal and diet supplements are not monitored by any organization that tests them for their creditability or what all is put into that product. That being said, you could be taking a supplement with nothing but a filler in it or maybe it does have a little bit of the herbal supplement that it claims to have however not enough to affect our bodies.

This is a clip from a consumer lab report showing this:

Many herbs and dietary supplements fail ingredient tests, which has tested over 4,500 products since November 1999, has found that, through July 2015, 20% of the vitamins and minerals, 43% of the herbals, 21% of other supplements and 24% of nutritional powders and drinks failed their evaluations. The most common problem was too little or none of the main ingredient. The other problems included too much active ingredient; the wrong ingredient, potentially dangerous or illegal ingredients, contamination with heavy metals, “spiking” with unexpected ingredients, poor disintegration (which affects absorption) and misleading or incomplete product information.

Meaghan Edwards MS, RD/LD
Registered Dietitian

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