Trying to cook healthy but still limit your trips to the store? During this stay at home time, meal prep can be a little more difficult. It is being advised to limit outings as much as possible. But, if you rely on frequent grocery trips and access to fresh meat and produce in your normal meal prepping, it can feel like an extra level of stress. Thankfully, the stores are now mostly back to normal in what’s on the shelf and the limits are starting to be lifted on purchases.

To make the most of your outings to the store, it’s good to go prepared:

Make a plan. Get a general idea of the meals you want to have for the week, and choose a few backups just in case something is missing from the shelf that you would normally pick up.

Buy fresh and frozen. If you’re only shopping once a week or less, use the fresh produce toward the beginning of the week and save your frozen or canned items for later in the week. In addition, choose fresh items that have a longer shelf life- like apples, oranges, winter squash, and sweet potatoes.

Focus on lean meats. This hasn’t changed. While “comfort foods” are making an appearance while people are stuck at home with time to cook, focus your meals mainly on lean meats such as chicken or fish with plenty of veggies–and save those baked goods for special treats.

Pick up some staples. Dried or canned beans, canned chicken, and canned tomatoes are all great things to have on hand. Check the sodium in your canned foods and opt for a reduced-sodium option.

Tired of cooking every day? It’s okay to eat the same thing for a few days in a row. Make a big pot of soup or a healthier version of your favorite casserole, portion out the servings and enjoy them for lunch all week. It can be overwhelming to plan different breakfasts, lunches, AND dinners every single day, so make an extra batch and enjoy leftovers.

Doing take out? Just like going out to eat, if you want to do take out from your favorite restaurant, check the menu in advance and see what options are available. They may not have the variety they usually do on the menu, so be kind, be patient, and tip well.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! It’s easy to get snacky when at home all day. And sometimes thirst feels like hunger. So, don’t forget to drink plenty of water even at home inside.

Have you cooked something delicious? Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook page. We’re down to try some new recipes.

As always, Wash your hands, Stay home as much as possible, and stay safe when you’re out! We are looking forward to seeing you in person again soon!

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