You may have seen advertising or blogs talking about free Lap-Band ™ removal. Usually accompanied by language that reads something like the band has been proven ineffective and should be removed. Please beware of these misleading ads. These ads are frequently just a ruse to get a frustrated band patient in for a pitch to have another surgery.

While there are certainly situations where the band needs to be removed, many times if a patient is not achieving their desired success it is more related to education, band adjustment, and behavior modification rather than the device itself. If you find yourself in a situation where you are considering having a band removed and you do not have a slippage or an erosion I would suggest you consider investing some personal time getting back on track with your band rather than undergoing another operation that you may not need.

We offer a comprehensive program with education and counseling with one of our registered dieticians, pharmaceutical intervention where appropriate, support group and individual counseling, as well as experienced band adjustment which can be aided by fluoroscopy. I am certainly willing to remove the band when it is adversely affecting a patient’s health or quality of life, but I greatly prefer seeing a patient who was struggling start losing again and regaining control with the tool they already possess.

Before you are convinced to undergo another operation which is not without risk and is not guaranteed to bring any more success than you already have, make the lifestyle choices first.

Adam B. Smith, DO
Founder, Surgeon and LapBand patient of Ultimate Bariatrics

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