Valentine’s Day is just a week away and if you’ve been in any grocery stores lately, the shelves are lined with chocolates. While having a treat or two during the holiday is absolutely okay–and encouraged!–Valentine’s, like every other holiday–can end up a stressor and a trigger when it is surrounded with food. If you are looking for a way to celebrate with your friends or special someone, finding non-food ways to celebrate will keep you entertained, focused on the day, and not focused on whether or not you’ve blown your diet.

A few fun things to choose from for Valentine’s Day, or date night, or a day with your friends…

  1. SPA DAY: This is kind of a traditional answer. You can grab your buddies and find a group discount on a spa day, or you can book a couples massage with your significant other, or you can treat yourself and enjoy an hour of pampering alone. Whichever you choose, a spa day is a sound investment for relaxing from day to day stress and recovering from an intense workout routine.
  2. GO HIKING: Get some activity, enjoy conversation, and take a breath of fresh air. Check out this Yelp review for people’s favorite places to hike in Fort Worth. 
  3. TAKE A CLASS: Yoga, Kickboxing, Painting, Photography, Dancing… the options are endless. Check your city’s recreation center or library for options and classes in your area. Get outside of your comfort zone and who knows, you may have a new hobby waiting on the other side!
  4. STAY AT HOME MOVIE NIGHT: The perfect date with the perfect budget! Choose a favorite or pick something brand new. On the plus side, if you do want a snack, you have complete control of what you choose to eat–no sneaking required!
  5. PLAN A “KIDS” DAY: You know what adults need the most? Time to be fun and free like the kiddos. Take your date to the arcade or to play mini-golf. Have fun and just PLAY.
  6. STARGAZE: It’s free. It’s romantic. Download a stargazing app, look at the sky, and say something mushy about how in all the universe, you’ve found each other.
  7. VOLUNTEER: Do something good for your community and make a difference. Just search for “places to volunteer in my city” and see all the possibilities! Getting involved in a good cause together can strengthen your relationships and bring joy to everyone involved.
  8. BOOK DATE: Go to a bookstore or library and find something new to read. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your partner better. And it’s peaceful for those introverts who would rather not go all out on Valentine’s Day.
  9. RELAX BY THE FIRE: Whether a fire pit in the backyard or (if it’s cool enough) a fire in the fireplace, nothing says cozy like sitting in front of the fire. Snuggle up, make some hot tea, and talk about plans for the future.
  10. PHOTOSHOOT: You’re working hard, you’re making progress, get out there and take some pictures! And have someone take your pictures. It’s a great way to permanently celebrate the moment, and a good way to practice loving yourself and being confident in the progress and changes you are making.

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