I was reading the article, “Measuring Success beyond the scale” and it really spoke to me. Frequently patients come in for their post-operative visits, and they are concerned that they are not losing weight fast enough.  However, what they don’t want to reveal right away is the fact that they were able to reduce or quit taking prescription medications for diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol.  A great success! After some quick detective work, you also reveal that their clothes no longer fit them and they went down a size! Another success!

So, start thinking outside the scale when you are trying to measure your success after weight loss surgery. And ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does your quality of life compare to before surgery?
  • Do you feel better? Have more energy? Have more confidence?
  • Have you been able to do things now that you never could before?

Change is happening, and not just with the scale!

Meagan Johnson, PA-C, RD


Andromalas, L. (2015, January 23). Measuring Success Beyond The Scale. Your Weight Matters Magazine, Volume X, Issue 2, pg. 22-24.

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