Non-Scale Victories

Last week, we posted a blog and asked on social media about non-scale victories– how you measure your success besides the number on the scale. It’s not about weighing in that makes a difference, but about those nonscale ways of showing improvement!

Here were some of the responses we got:

  • I’m craving healthy foods now- not junk food any more!
  • I’ve gone down two sizes this year so far!
  • I feel better and have more energy!
  • I’m drinking more water, and don’t need as much coffee to get going.
  • I can get further into my workouts without as many breaks!
  • I can get through my daily routine with more energy.
  • I am toning up and seeing more muscle.
  • I enjoy shopping for and cooking healthy foods.

We want to celebrate your successes with you. Success isn’t just measured by the numbers on the scale, but about how your quality of life improves. If you have a success story with Fort Worth Lap Band, please share with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you. Or, if you have other non-scale ways of celebrating your success, share those too. If you have any non scale victory pictures, post them on our wall! We want to encourage others to focus on the ways their lives will improve when they get active and eat nutritiously.

Thank you, all, for your responses! Have a healthy and happy week.

And a big congratulations from Fort Worth Lap Band on your Scale and Non-Scale Victories!


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