This month is National Diabetes Month and it’s also the month when we kick off what can be the most unhealthy time of the year. Parties, desserts, family gatherings, comfort food… for those with diabetes (or those trying to decrease their unhealthy food consumption in general), November and the following few months can be difficult.

A few simple tips can help you prepare as we go into the busiest season of the year.

Eat Well

  • Plan ahead and take the time needed to prepare and cook meals. It seems time-consuming at first, but once you establish a good routine, it becomes second-nature.
  • Use resources such as Pinterest to find easy, budget-friendly recipes.
  • Keep a food journal of everything you eat and how you feel afterward.
  • Eat more veggies! Don’t like them? Pop into our private Facebook group and ask for cooking recommendations. Veggies are ALL in the preparation.
  • Skip the “diabetic” foods, which can be pricey and not as satisfying. Instead, make healthy and tasty treats at home, pre-portion them, and freeze if needed.

Get More Movement

  • Exercise is one of the best ways to manage blood sugar.
  • Carve out time for regular workouts but also find ways to get activity throughout the day.
  • Go for a walk after dinner.
  • Use an activity tracker to find your baseline and work to improve from there.
  • Check out YouTube and Facebook for free workouts to stream from the comfort of your home.

Self Care

  • SLEEP. Sleep is so important to regulate everything. Weight loss, anxiety, stress, and blood sugar can all be affected by lack of sleep.
  • Call up a friend for a coffee date or for a walk in the park. Find people you can talk to.
  • Set small, manageable goals for exercise, nutrition, and leisure activities.
  • If you have diabetes, be diligent in testing your glucose and taking your medication.
  • Go to your regular doctor checkups and be open and honest about your successes and ways you need to improve. Work together to formulate a plan.

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