Recently I stumbled upon the greatest invention, online grocery shopping with in store pick up! This wonderful convenience is perfect for busy Americans! Especially for those of us that loathe grocery shopping and crowds, like me!

So far I have found the following stores offer this service: Whole Foods, Walmart, HEB, and Kroger Plus. Several other grocery stores have partnered with delivery services, which will deliver your groceries to you for a fee. Amazon Prime Pantry will mail you non-perishable goods.

Amazon also offers dash buttons in over 100+ products. The dash button is a small wi-fi device that when pressed will re-order that item for you on your linked amazon account! Don’t forget to check into your local farmer’s market or food co-ops for perishables like vegetables and fruit.

I can’t wait to see this convenience style grocery shopping expand to offer more customers the option to save grocery lists and purchase groceries online and pick up in store. Happy Grocery Shopping!

Meagan Johnson, PA-C, RD

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