Typically, gastric bypass patients will initially have rapid weight loss in the first 6-12 months. The patient’s weight loss will normally level out during the next 18-24 months. Some patients may start regaining weight. This weight gain is typical of the opening of the stomach to the intestines enlarging or stretching of the stomach pouch.

Reasons for Gastric Bypass Failure

  • Stomach pouch stretches – leading patients to eat more frequently or larger quantities
  • Stomach opening expands – food travels through the stomach quicker
  • Small intestine starts to work more efficiently, therefore adapting to the bypass and absorbing food and calories easily
  • Complications, such as ulcers
  • Poor technique of the  bypass procedure
  • Patient’s failure to make dietary and exercise changes

For the patients who have undergone gastric bypass and are no longer achieving the weight loss they want, or are even gaining their weight back, Ultimate Bariatrics offers the LapBand® over Bypass (sometimes called Band over Bypass.)  With this option, a patient can begin to achieve weight loss success again.

The LapBand® is laparoscopically placed at the top of the stomach to decrease the amount of food that flows into the stomach. The decrease of food leads to a decrease in calories which in turn can lead to weight loss.  It is still critical to make wise nutritional decisions, avoiding high calories liquids and foods high in fat. Ultimate Bariatrics has a dietitian on staff to help with dietary concerns.

Many patients can and have been successful with their weight loss following a band over bypass.

* Results may vary from person to person.

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