Reboot program week 2 day 1. Here we go!

Week 2 is here! It's not always easy breaking bad habits, but I have seen great progress. Watch as I share my experience. Like, share, and let's Reboot!

Posted by Ultimate Bariatrics on Monday, July 30, 2018

Keep up with Dr. Smith’s journey through the Reboot Program as he seeks to lose the weight he’s recently gained. Dr. Smith has finished Week 1 of the Reboot and is heading into Week 2.

After one week, he is feeling lighter and excited about the rest of the program. In this video, he shows viewers the meal bars, protein shakes, and snacks provided in the Reboot kit. Like all new programs, the first three days were difficult (because of the new routine and getting rid of bad habits). Dr. Smith did not feel hungry though and did not get bored with the flavors and texture options.

After the first week, he feels enthusiastic about the rest of the process and is looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

For more information on the Reboot Program, an 8-week program to Reboot your weight loss and get you back on track, please call us at 844-ULT-LOSE to schedule your consultation.

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