Week 3 Day 1 is here of my Reboot Program journey.

I've made it this far, there are some challenges, but let's keep it going. Watch this video as I discuss what my Reboot journey has been thus far. This is Week 3 day 1. Like our page to follow my journey.

Posted by Ultimate Bariatrics on Monday, August 6, 2018

Dr. Smith checks in with viewers as he kicks off Week 3 of the Reboot Program. The program is designed for people to refocus on their goals, especially after weight gain. Dr. Smith has been posting weekly on the Ultimate Bariatrics’ Facebook page about his decision to complete the Reboot Program and what it’s like along the way.

The first two weeks of the program were all pre-packaged foods which make following the program easy and simple to follow. Although Dr. Smith did not complete the first two weeks exactly perfectly (due to some meals that were served at a conference), he is still moving forward and is pleased with his results.

The first week of the program, Dr. Smith lost 8 pounds. The second week of the program, Dr. Smith lost an additional 1.5 pounds–despite his minor setbacks!

During week 3, real food is introduced into the diet to begin the adjustment back to normal eating. Dr. Smith is choosing to do this by adding a healthy fresh meal for dinner and continuing with the shakes and protein bars for the remainder of the time. In addition, Dr. Smith is also incorporating exercise into his program, as time and schedule allow.

Dr. Smith wants to remind people that programs are designed for “perfect” scenarios. And that’s not real life. You can be successful even if you do not adhere 100% to a perfect nutritional and exercise schedule. The idea is to give it your best try and not to give up if you slip up or don’t get your movement in for the day.

As Dr. Smith goes into Week 3, he meets with a dietician from Ultimate Bariatrics to review his diet, the best plan forward, and to cover the four fundamentals to avoid weight regain.

Four Fundamentals

  1. Accountability. Find people you trust to help you stay on plan.
  2. Immersion. Get in it. Mentally, physically, nutritionally. Go all-in to the best of your ability.
  3. Mentors. Find those who can inspire you and teach you.
  4. Yourself. You are accountable for your thoughts, actions, and deeds. You can be successful.

Week 3 is a transition week moving from the pre-packaged foods to real foods again and do so in a healthy (high protein, low carb, high fiber) and sustainable way.

The Reboot Program is rolling out. If you want to schedule your consultation, you’ll need a checkup and lab work to make sure this is a doable program for you. Call 844-ULT-LOSE to plan your Reboot Program!

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