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But, the weather has been a fickle thing lately. It dropped over 40 degrees last week and this week it’s supposed to be in the 80s again. Hot and cold, wet and dry, and throw in allergy season for good (bad) measure and it can seem impossible to stay healthy. You won’t be able to prevent all the bugs and allergens from slipping through to your system, but you can add a few practices to your life to help stay as healthy as possible during this changing weather season.

  1. Stay hydrated. Water consumption is always important, and it’s important now as well. Drinking plenty of water will help you feel energized, flush your system, and can help you feel better. Infuse with fruit for an extra nutrient boost!
  2. Purify! Windows open or windows closed? The truth is the air inside the home can cause more allergy symptoms than being outside. Keep the air clean by using a HEPA filter in your A/C unit. Keep rooms clean, decluttered, and well dusted to prevent allergy symptoms from being even worse.
  3. Get some exercise. When it’s nice outside, get outdoors (just don’t forget your allergy meds if needed). The sun is good for the mood and helps to shake off those winter blues. On the cold, rainy days, stay in and stream a fun workout–there are many paid on-demand options, as well as free options that you can find on YouTube and Facebook.
  4. Get some sleep. The days are longer and schedules get more packed with extracurriculars. Try to maintain a good schedule and a good routine for meals and sleep. Lack of sleep makes everything worse, including our ability to make good nutrition and fitness decisions.
  5. Dress appropriately. With the changing weather, it is easy to get caught outside without an umbrella, or without a jacket, or with too heavy a sweatshirt on. Fluctuating temperatures can make it hard for the body to adjust quickly enough. So, dress in layers, and be ready–especially in Texas–for the weather to change in a pinch.

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