The holiday season is a time for family and friends and food. Lots of food. Celebrations often occur around the table and often lead to holiday weight gain. Many people often gain a couple of pounds or more during the winter months and without caution, those couple of pounds here and there add up over the years. However, a few simple tips can make the holiday season more enjoyable and food less stressful.

Tips for Healthier Holidays

  1. Keep Your Goals Realistic. During the month of December, it is generally advisable to set a maintenance goal for the month. Losing weight is especially difficult, but maintaining is completely achievable and you’ll be set up with a successful mindset going into the new year.
  2. Put Exercise in Your Schedule. You need to schedule it in, especially during this hectic time of year. Put it on your calendar, and don’t skip.
  3. Eat Real Meals. Don’t skip to “save” calories for later. That can lead to binge eating. Have a healthy snack before parties and fill up on nutrient-dense food early in the day.
  4. Scout the Buffet Line. See what’s there before making your choices. Pick what you like. Skip the other stuff. Include fruits and vegetables too!
  5. Eat Up. Eat until you are full but not overfull. Choose small portions but enjoy what you are choosing.
  6. Watch those Liquid Calories. Fancy lattes, alcohol, juice, and regular soft drinks can pack on the sugar and the calories without making you feel full. If you want a special drink, have one, but account for it in your tracking.
  7. It’s About Balance. If you eat a little too much at one meal, balance it out with a lighter but nutrient-dense meal next time. You’re not going to “ruin” your diet with one meal or a piece of pie. Step back, reassess, and get back on track.
  8. Learn Some Healthy Swaps. Choose egg whites instead of whole eggs, sub applesauce for oil in baking, make healthier versions of your favorite casseroles, leave behind the crusts and extra breads.

Most importantly, the holidays should be enjoyed and you should have the special treats that aren’t available the rest of the year. So, if you want that piece of pie– by all means, have it– but remember to keep your meals balanced and full of protein and fruits and vegetables. If you have any questions about your diet or nutrition, especially in regards to your bariatric surgery, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We also have in-person and online support groups as well. So jump in, and make it a great month!

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