Why You Should Drink More Water in the Winter

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Are you getting your 8-10 glasses of water every day?

It’s something we don’t think about as often when the temps go down. But, it is just as important, if not more important to drink water in the winter. The main reason has to do with hydration. When the weather is colder and dryer, the air makes your body dryer as well. This leads to dry lips, dry skin, and dry insides too. Dehydration leads to headaches, a hungry feeling, crankiness, and more serious problems if prolonged. Keeping well hydrated helps protect your spinal cords, aids in digestion, and helps your skin too.

But, it’s cold outside… I can’t drink more water!

Tips on Drinking More Water and Avoiding Dehydration:

  • Keep a few bottles of water room temperature. I find it’s easier to chug a bottle of water first thing in the morning if it’s room temperature instead of chilled.
  • Try hot lemon water upon waking. For some of the many benefits of drinking warm lemon water, check out this article from Food Matters.
  • Drink hot herbal tea~ Just watch your sweeteners for added calories. Drink unsweetened, or add natural Stevia for sweetness or a little raw, local honey for sweetness and other benefits.
  • Have a Drink More Water Challenge with your friends. It may sound silly, but these types of challenges are super popular on social media right now. Grab a group of virtual friends and hold each other accountable to getting in your 8 glasses a day through the holiday season.
  • Install a water purifying system or research water delivery companies in your area for home water delivery. It’s easier to drink more water if you like the way it tastes.

Benefits of Drinking More Water:

  • To maintain the balance of fluids- which helps digestion, circulation, and absorption of nutrients.
  • To help control calories- remember thirst is often mistaken for hunger. So, drink up before you eat!
  • To improve muscle function.
  • For better skin appearance- you look wrinklier when you’re dehydrated.
  • For kidney health- kidney infections and kidney stones are partially caused from dehydration.

Just a reminder, the cold weather usually brings lots of warm comfort foods. Creamy soups, hot cocoas, gooey desserts. Those calories can add up big time and won’t be digested as well without the proper amount of water each day. So, even though it’s cold outside, don’t neglect your body or your health, and do remember to drink more water in the winter.

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