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Have you struggled with your weight as long as you can remember? Have you tried all the diets? Have you worked out? Do you still see no long term results? Is your health suffering because of your weight? You’re not alone! Nearly 1/3 of US adults suffer from obesity, the leading chronic illness in America, which can significantly increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and several other conditions. We have changed our name and expanded our services to in order to accommodate our patients; Ultimate Bariatrics can help you take charge of your weight and health. Bariatric surgery is about more than just losing weight, it’s about lowering the stress on your body, feeling great about yourself, and improving your quality of life!

*Results may vary from person to person.

“Wondering if Bariatric Surgery will help you reach your goals? I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I am You. And I’ve kept the weight off for years!”

— Dr. Adam Smith, surgeon & bariatric patient

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  • Chelsi

    Lost 91 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    When I made the decision to get lap band I wasn't just doing it for myself, but for my daughter as well. What I didn't consider is how much it would dramatically change our lives for the better. Not only do I feel like myself again for the first time in years, but I have gained the tools I so badly needed for a better and healthier lifestyle that will last a life time. From an outsiders perspective lap band may seem like an easy fix, but this journey takes a strong person. This isn't another crash diet. Lap band has taught me how to be dedicated to being a healthy person, and how to put my unhealthy habits to bed once and for all. Lap band has restored my confidence and shown me that I am worth a new beginning and a better future! It seemed like such a long road, so many trials ahead of me when I decided to embark on this journey to a better ME... But it is by far the best decision that I have ever made for myself and for my child. Everyone deserves to feel whole, happy and complete, and with lap band I can now genuinely say that's exactly what I am.... HAPPY!



    242 lbs


    Chesli 91 

    151 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Barbara

    Lost 68 lbs with Sleeve**

    I decided to have the surgery because I was tired of sitting at home all the time with no energy, now I have so much energy that I’m always out doing things with kids!



    203 lbs


    Barbara D 68 

    135 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Becky B.

    Lost 98 lbs with Sleeve**

    As for my story.... I've been morbidly obese for more than 20 years. Losing 20 pounds, then gaining 30 was only making me more miserable. I finally decided to try surgery to avoid health issues that I've seen others struggle with. The sleeve was my choice based on success of two friends. What I gave up....sodas, fried foods, one of two blood pressure meds, snoring, knee pain, ankle swelling, constant fatigue, etc. What I gained.... energy, confidence, and desire to encourage others to make whatever changes they need to be happy in life. My highest weight on record was 300.8 on 4.22.14 at my family doctor's office. This morning I'm at 202. Still a work in progress, and would do it all over again! Thanks !


    Becky B.

    300 lbs



    202 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Tina M

    Lost 84 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    After having LAP-BAND® in 2009, I have lost 90 lbs. and kept it off. Before the weight loss, I had no energy to do anything.  Since the weight loss, I have become more active. I am able to do more with my boys and family, exercise with Zumba and bootcamp and even run 5 K’s now. I am healthier and happier since having this procedure. I would like to thank the doctors and staff at Fort Worth LAP-BAND®. They have been there for me every step of the way and helped make my journey a success. ~ Tina



    249 lbs



    165 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Stacey G.

    Lost 70 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    I had my LAP-BAND® surgery done August of 2006. I began to put on my weight after the birth of my second child. I made several attempts at weight loss over the years and would be somewhat successful for a short time, but I’d always gain the weight right back plus more. Due to the continual weight gain, I started developing other health problems such as asthma, severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure and bad knees. I could not walk up a flight of stairs without becoming very short of breath or my knees hurting. I did not like sleeping with the c-pap machine, the asthma medicine made me feel shaky and nervous, and the blood pressure medicine made me feel sick to my stomach. I had heard of the LAP-BAND®, so I started researching it. A friend of mine had great results after her procedure, so I ask her about it and who her doctor was. She told me about Dr. Smith and how much she liked him. I went to one of his seminars to learn more about it, and I was very impressed when I found out that he too had the LAP-BAND®. Not only did he know the struggles of trying to lose weight, but he also would be able to relate to how the band was working. I made my consultation appointment and was so excited to get the ball rolling on my weight loss. However, I was turned down by my insurance company. I was determined at that point to try again, so I appealed the decision with my insurance and won!!! The fact that I had to have knee surgery during the time of appeal due to my weight probably helped with the decision of the appeal. One month after my knee surgery I received a phone call at work from Dr. Smith’s office and was told that my insurance was going to pay. I was so excited… I wasted no time in scheduling my surgery date. During the first year after having LAP-BAND® the weight started coming off immediately. I made sure I followed the guidelines given to me by Dr Smith’s staff, and I was very faithful in getting my adjustments regularly. I have never felt better. My health has improved and I have much more energy now. I no longer have to use a c-pap machine and no asthma or blood pressure medicine is needed now. Not only can I walk up a flight of stair with no problems, but I CrossFit 4-5 times a week, and I feel GREAT!!! Before my LAP-BAND® procedure I would have never imagined doing the things I do in CrossFit, let alone competing in 2 beginners CrossFit competitions. At my consultation appointment in 2006 I weighed 210, and eight years later I weigh 140! Thank you Dr. Smith and all the Fort Worth Lap-Band staff. ~ Stacey



    210 lbs



    140 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Mandi B.

    Lost 63 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    With the help of Dr. Smith I have been able to restore my health and extend my lifespan. I no longer need to take 8 prescriptions a day and have the energy of a teenager again. The LAP-BAND® has helped give me my life back! ~Mandi B.



    194 lbs



    131 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Leah L.

    Lost 106 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    Dr. Craig Ferrara and the staff at Ft. Worth LAP-BAND® essentially saved my life! I weighed 326 lbs. and was slowly but surely asphyxiating myself with my weight. I had to use a sleep apnea machine every night just to get enough oxygen when I slept. Because I was not able to get sufficient oxygen, I stayed swollen constantly; I had red splotches all over my skin. I also had constant back pain, and really just did not want to DO anything. I found myself circling a parking lot many times in order to find a parking space close enough to the door that I did not have to walk very far. I had tried every diet, trick, pill available. I needed to lose a large amount of weight, so losing 1 or 2 pounds after weeks of feeling like I had “starved” and worked really hard was horribly discouraging. I researched various types of weight loss surgery and frankly, it scared me. I had inquired about the surgeries at several different clinics and all of them talked of all the things “I” needed to do before I would be considered for surgery. The problem was….I didn’t know what to do, or how to get it done. A friend of mine had also been researching weight loss surgery and had begun her journey. Upon her advice, I went with her to her pre-op visit at Ft. Worth LAP-BAND®. The staff was outstandingly helpful and prepared her for her pending procedure, also taking the time to answer questions that I had. By the time she ended her appointment, I had made my initial consultation appointment. The ball began rolling and the FWLB staff took over and guided me through all the steps to having the surgery, including dealing with the insurance. My initial appointment was in July, and I had my surgery in December. December 20, 2010 I had LAP-BAND® surgery. I have since lost 106 pounds and am still losing weight! I am so very grateful to the FWLB staff for everything they have done for me. They have always provided the best professional care for me and several other friends of mine that have had the LAP-BAND® procedure. Now that I am feeling better and am enjoying the benefits of serious weight loss, I have people ask me all the time what I have done to lose all my weight. I tell them I go to the very best- Ft. Worth LAP-BAND®!



    336 lbs



    230 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Jerrilyn S.

    Lost 154 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    I tried every diet out there, and nothing worked. Dr. Smith changed my life, and I am loving the new me. Learning to eat small portions and chewing my food keep me fit. “Blessed and loved."



    325 lbs



    171 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Craig K.

    Lost 75 lbs with Lap-Band®**

    I struggled with my weight all my life. At 39 years old I decided I’d better get life insurance, but my agent called to tell me I was denied due to my lab work. She told me to go see my doctor right away. The doctor put me on metformin for diabetes, metoprolol for hypertension, and I was already taking Prilosec and ranitidine, each twice daily for reflux. He told me I was a stroke waiting to happen. I decided to follow my wife’s path and have LAP-BAND®, and five months after surgery I had my labs re-drawn. I wasn’t even working out yet, and they were PERFECT! My doctor took me off of all medications. I no longer take anything. Nothing. And my labs are still perfect. Before having LAP-BAND® surgery, I took my wife and kids to The Natural Bridge Caverns. They were having a great time zip lining and exploring the caves while I mostly rested. Between the humidity and my weight, I really thought I was going to die. I didn’t know how I was going to make it out of the caverns, but I finally did and committed to never going there again.
I’ve been a nurse for many years, and my weight has definitely held me back professionally, especially working in the health care field. After having LAP-BAND® surgery, I gained the courage and confidence to branch out into wound care. I’ve proven myself, and the company I work for has now agreed to pay for my wound care certification. I couldn’t be happier.



    300 lbs



    225 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Ashley M.

    Lost 80 lbs with Gastric Sleeve**

    The gastric sleeve has changed my life in many ways. Just to list a few: increased self esteem, increased fertility (surprise baby #3), increased sex drive, I can wear stylish clothes, crazy boost in confidence, I love to try new things now, I like taking pictures and many more ways that would take forever to list! The most important change in my life post op is that it has made me a hands-on parent. I can now get in the floor and roll around with my babies. I actively play baseball with my son. I am no longer too lazy to get off the couch or embarrassed to participate in school functions. I can exercise now and I teach my kids how to be active. Overall I feel that it has made me the fun person I always wanted to be. I am no longer reserved because I have been freed of the daunting thoughts like, "will I fit? Am I too big for that? WOW! I look like a cow!" If I had to describe in two words how I feel post op they would be: Amazingly Free!



    255 lbs



    175 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • John M.

    Lost 137 lbs with Gastric Sleeve**

    I am so happy I decided to have the gastric sleeve! Post-op I have realized there is more to life than sitting at home in front of the TV with my bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and HUGE Dr. Pepper. It has improved my ability to do my job tremendously. I no longer feel restricted in my body; I can do push-ups and lift weights, and I try harder to learn how to do things myself instead of asking for help. I now enjoy going out and doing activities with my family and friends! Being able to be active is awesome!



    285 lbs



    148 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • Chris G.

    Lost 85 lbs with iBand**

    The iBand surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself! I no longer have to struggle with fad diets or diet pills. I was on blood pressure medicine, which I no longer have to take, and I was at risk of being diabetic which I no longer am! I love how my clothes fit now and that I don’t have to shop in the big girl section. All in all it was the best decision I ever made! Thank you for giving me a second lease on life!



    247 lbs



    162 lbs

    ** Results may vary from person to person.
  • “I’ve always loved the outdoors and life in general, but when I made the choice to have the sleeve; I don't just love it I am IN it!! Dec. 2015 changed my world as I knew it and a new and stronger, more confident me emerged! Even now having a zest to help others struggling as well!" #livingtheultimatelife






    ** Results may vary from person to person.


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